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Shred Sleds, is all about keeping the session alive! Just a few inches of snow on the ground can transform the world around you into a snow park for Snowskating. 


The best thing about our Shred Sleds is they require no previous experience with skiing or snowboarding to use them, and although it helps, no technical apparel or FTW is really required. You can literally just drop it on the snow and skate around….


Old or new skateboard tricks but on snow! As well as carrying over or learning the same tricks done on a skateboard but on snow! It’s a brilliant way to introduce the kids into snowboarding without having to break the bank on gear for them. 

Read an interview from our good friends over at Newborn Snowskates HERE

Click HERE to watch the video below and take a tour of our corporate HQ.

Shred Sleds Snowskates Wish You Were Here
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