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The Double Vision can be seen from space (that's a 100% real fact, honest!) Now is your chance to to get your hands on this limited edition number. Only a handful of this were crafted in our UK Shred Sleds lab.


The Double Vision is a directional ski that is set up with a slightly more centred stance, Whilst still giving you maximum control and response it has an even more skate like feel and makes it that much easier to ride swtich. The wider Ski shape creates a much more stable and user friendly ride whilst giving you more board-feel on rails.


The top deck is pressed and hand shaped in the UK and made from 7 Ply Canadian Maple that has been treated and fully waterproof. It has also has a full dip dye all over pink finish. The double shovel twin shape allows you to continue to ride switch after a nice pop shuv-it. The EVA Foam grip gets grippier when wet and won’t damage your shoes through use.


Board & Ski Specs:


  • Deck Width: 9" Wide
  • 7 ply Canadian Maple 
  • Dip Dyed Pink
  • Ski: 106cm Long
  • Full Poplar Wood Core
  • Tri-Axle Fiberglass Traditional camber Directional Shape Side Cut
  • Top Secret Sintered 7700 Base (Wax & Repairable)
  • Shred Sleds AdVenture Trucks
  • 3 Metre Safety Leash Included



Double Vision

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