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The Visionary was created for riders looking to have fun and take their riding to the next level. Whether thats linking turns or board sliding a park rail . This board will help speed up the learning curve and achieve your goals. The combination of the flatline camber and playful flex gives you the right amount of pop and grip when you need it, while maintaining a catch free, user friendly feel even on those icy cat tracks.


Board Specs:




FLATLINE CAMBER:  Zero camber for those that find standard   camber too aggressive and reverse camber too loose. Here’s the perfect balance, that happy medium.


FORMULA 1 CORE:  Sustainable poplar wood gives the crisp snappy pop in and out of the turns and oillies


WARP SPEED BASE:  Our Special formulated extruded base is low maintenance, easy to repair and still faster than some sintered bases.


HANZO STEEL EDGES:  Ultimate Strength and durability


TA CLASS FIBREGLASS:  Performance tri-axial 600 fibreglass gives resistance to torsional flex providing a  dynamic, stronger and more responsive ride.


OMEGA ABS SIDE WALLS:  Dampening for a smoother ride. reduces risk of cracking edges.

Shred Sleds Visionary Snowboard

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